Aethicus: a journey that begins

The journey, and especially that of marine navigation, has always been considered by poets as a metaphor for life. Also a metaphor about undertaking new paths.

Today, Aethicus begins a project that arises from a vocation that is at the same time one of my passions: the legal practice. A profession to which I have dedicated more than fifteen years of my life and to which I return, again, after a three-year break in the public life, in which I had the immense honour of representing and serving the citizens of the Region of Murcia.

I agree with Voltaire that law is the most beautiful profession in the world and I am convinced that whoever has been a lawyer never ceases to be. Following the key principle of Marco Aurelio, I have tried to keep the modest trade I learned and seek my rest in it.

When about twenty years ago I swore an oath as a lawyer, thus acquiring the right to wear the cap and gown, I promised that honesty, integrity, righteousness, as well as loyalty, diligence and truthfulness would be virtues that would adorn my future legal action. Since then, I have always tried to conduct myself within these parameters in my professional life and also in the public one.

The name of Aethicus is a clear reference to that personal conviction of the need to practice law in accordance with strong and firm ethical principles.

But it is also the name of an ancient traveller, Aethicus Ister, a nod to this new journey that I undertake. A journey for which I hope, following the words of the Greek poet Cavafis in “Ithaca“, one of my favourite poems, that my path will be long, full of adventures and full of knowledge.

If I have managed to arouse your interest so far, you will be wondering what kind of legal services Aethicus will offer its clients.

Aethicus is a law firm specialising in Real Estate and Construction Law that will provide comprehensive and qualified advice to individuals and companies in all matters related to property law and the construction process. It will also legally advise those who wish to go to Spain to live or invest.

Within the catalogue of services that Aethicus will offer are, among others, advice on the acquisition and sale of all types of real estate, leases, horizontal property, expropriations, property registration, construction defects, housing regularisation, industries and activities, urban planning, claims for existence of land clauses or expenses unduly paid in the constitution of mortgages and much more.

Stephen Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, one of the most influential books in history in the field of leadership and business management, recommended that his readers write a personal mission to act as a vital programming in each and every one of the aspects of their existence.

Like Covey, I understand that organisations must also have their own mission. Aethicus will provide professional legal advice, close and transparent based on independence, excellence and strong ethical principles, something that builds trust in our clients.

A new journey full of illusions begins. A trip that will be exciting. And also fun.

As master Cavafis would say, “Pray that the road is long. That the summer mornings are many.”

We can help you solve your problem. Contact us so that an expert lawyer can advise you.

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