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Spain is a very attractive country both to live and invest in.

Spain is a country that stands out for its quality of life, the open nature of its people, the great diversity and contrast of landscapes, villages and cities, as well as for its rich gastronomy.

It has a wide educational, cultural and sports offer and a modern health system with a large number of public and private hospitals all over its national territory. It is also well-known for enjoying high citizen security.

All this makes Spain an ideal place to live and work in and makes it rank second worldwide in number of visitors, and one of the first in income generated by them.

In addition, Spain is the fourteenth larger economy in the world and the fifth within the European Union. It has a GDP of USD 1.2 trillion, 46 million consumers and is visited by more than 80 million tourists every year.

It has a modern economy based on knowledge, with the service sector accounting for 75% of its business activity.

Spain holds a privileged position at international level, since it is a member of the European Union, the largest market in the world and an optimal strategic area to gain exceptional access to the whole Mediterranean area, north of Africa, Middle East and, of course, Latin America, regions with which rooted economic, business, institutional and cultural links exist.

Spain is a country where it is easy to invest. According to the OECD FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index, Spain is the ninth country in terms of open regulation to international investment in the world. This has made Spain become the 13th country in terms of reception of foreign investment in the world.

Spain has a modern infrastructure network. It has international airports across its geography, the longest high speed train network in Europe and the third one worldwide, a strong port sector connected to international maritime routes and a network of motorways and dual carriageways that are the backbone of the whole national territory promoting trade and travel.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2016, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Spain is the 12th country in the world in terms of infrastructures and logistic services.

Investing in real estate assets in Spain offers maximum guarantee, since it is a quality and regulated sector, providing enhanced legal certainty.

* Information and data provided by Invest in Spain, an Executive Directorate of ICEX Spain Trade and Investment, integrated in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. For more information, you can visit their official website

For more information on Spain, we recommend you visit the Spain’s official tourism website

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